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F1 Computer Services Terms and Conditions
Labour rate: 
R400 per hour or part thereof. Minimum labour charge is 1 hour. C.O.D 
Emergency / Priority call-outs and after hours repairs are charged at R600 per hour or part thereof. 
Traveling Costs are R4.00/km traveled outside of Ballito CBD. 

A 30 day guarantee is provided on work done provided account has been settled in full. Please note that the guarantee covers only issues resulting directly from work done. Any non-related or additional work will be charged as a separate invoice. 

A client's faulty unit(s) will be properly assessed subsequent to which a quote or estimate, either verbal or written, will be provided to the client. Should the client decide against repairing the unit(s), a quote / fault finding fee of R400 will be levied. (This fee will not apply should the quote be accepted) 

A quote / fault finding fee of R400 will be levied for assessed units determined to be not economically viable to repair.

Due to the time it takes to fault-find / trouble shoot / prepare a quote, one hour’s labour (R400) will be charged on unaccepted quotes.  
Quotes are valid for 2 working days and are subject to supplier price changes and availability.

With regard to large volume / quantity quotes, i.e several units or large projects, F1 Computers reserves the right to renegotiate, in advance, a quote rejection fee that is more commensurate to the labour involved in the quote preparation.

A full deposit will be required upfront for any accepted quotations that call for hardware purchases. 

Fault Reports:
Fault reports for insurance and other purposes will be charged at a minimum of R400. 

Our terms are strictly C.O.D. unless mutually agreed prior arrangements have been made. No units may be collected unless full payment is received. All units will remain in possession of F1 until account has been settled in full. Failure to settle the account in full will result in units being sold at 30 days to defray costs. Arrears accounts will be handed over for debt collection. 

Although all client property is handled with due care and diligence, in good faith, 
all work done and units booked in, is done at owner’s risk. 
F1 Computers, it’s owners /shareholders /employees /agents /service providers or any other individual, business or group whatsoever affiliated to or providing service on behalf of F1 Computers, shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage to units, or any other property of a client, including data, or any financial loss incurred as a result of the aforementioned. It is the clients’ responsibility to have an up to date data backup prior to handing in any units or having any work done by F1 Computers.

Office hours:
Our business hours are
Monday to Friday,
8:30 am to 5 pm. 
No work will be done outside of business hours unless by mutual prior arrangement. 
Drop off / Collection times are
Monday to Friday,
8:30 am to 4:00pm. 
We cannot accept responsibility for any challenges experienced by clients as a result of failure to drop off / collect units during above stated hours. 
Emergency / Priority call-outs and after hours repairs are charged at R600 per hour or part thereof. 
Hours are subject to change without prior notice. F1 Computer is closed on public holidays.